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Wedding Photographer in Bordeaux, France.

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Selfie © 2024 Julie Bruhier

My name is Julie

I grew up in the Indian Ocean on Reunion Island...


I had a childhood filled with beautiful adventures and a strong taste for action.

With a degree in Applied Arts in hand, I set sail for England where I lived for 7 wonderful years
and obtained a Bachelor of Arts among other qualifications.


Returning to France, I settled in the capital for 5 years.

A Kakie training allowed me to work at Le Sirpa dressed in blue.
This was my first experience as a Graphic Designer.
This unforgettable experience rekindled my artistic side and sparked a desire to pursue reportage.


But the call of the sea and the love for travel carried me far, very far...

I traversed India and Madagascar twice, experiencing the clash of cultures.
Then across Europe, where I flourished in the art of photography.


My life abroad, encounters, and cultural experiences sharpened my view of the world.
These beautiful discoveries fueled my desire to capture and preserve these fleeting and unique moments.


A return to my roots was felt...
I explored different approaches and techniques that allowed me to evolve into real estate, event, and portrait photography. I also had the privilege of freelancing for AFP for 4 years.


Today, I have settled in Bordeaux to fully dedicate myself to my passion and profession.

I specialize and become a wedding photographer.

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30 Rue des VIvants 33100 Bordeaux, France.

06 42 57 00 01

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